STEERIN expertise focuses in the delivery of turnkey and tailor-made solutions. We develop:

Integrated Waste Management

Remediation of Landfills
Anaerobic Digestion
Mechanical and Biological Treatment
Materials Recovery Facilities
Waste to Energy

Renewable Energies

Photovoltaic energy
Energy from Biogas
Mini-Hydropower Plants
Organic Rankine Cycle


Development of technical and economical studies targeted for each project demand 
Development from legal framework or contractual conditions in compliance with the best practices 
Concept from solutions and technical inputs in order to fulfil regulatory demands from EIA 
Technical concept and engineering, tailor-made for each project requirements  
Development of technical and comercial terms of reference for International Tenders  
Evaluation from waste management or renewable energy bids in all the required fields  
Technical advisory and strategy in the survey from erection works, with the supply from our experts team in cooperation with the local staff 
Support to commissioning and trail runs 
Concept and project development for revamping waste management or renewable energy infrastructures based on the real operating conditions 
Technical expertise for litigation processes in environmental / energy infrastrucutres.

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