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António Manuel da Silva Branco

António Manuel da Silva Branco

Chemical and Industrial Engineer View Details
Theo Schneider

Theo Schneider

Civil Engineering View Details
André Rodrigues

André Rodrigues

Environmental Engineer View Details


Automação e Controlo, Lda View Details
António Manuel da Silva Branco

António Manuel da Silva Branco

Chemical and Industrial Engineer

Born: Angola, May 16, 1946.

Degree in Chemical and Industrial Engineering from the Higher Technical Institute (IST-Instituto Superior Técnico), Lisbon.

He began his career at Hidroprojecto, S.A., where, from 1974 to 1978, he was a member of the Environmental Technology and Processes Department, working as a designer and project leader in the following areas: Drinking Water Treatment;Treating Water for Industrial Uses; Urban Wastewater Treatment; Industrial WastewaterTreatment; and the Collection, Processing and Final Disposal
of Urban Refuse.

From 1978 to 1980 he was General Director of Hidrocontrato, a company owned by Hidroprojecto that builds water treatment and sanitation installations. He headed Hidroprojecto’s operations in Angola in 1981 and 1982.

From 1983 to 1987 he returned to his post as General Director of Hidrocontrato, a position he accumulated with his role as Assistant Director of Production and Sales at Hidroprojecto. From 1988 to 1992, being one of the investors who had acquired Hidrocontrato, he took over the management of the company.

In 1993 he joined Parque Expo 98 as a Manager of one of the companies belonging to the group and participated actively in all the negotiations leading to the setting up of the company Valorsul, S.A., which he joined in 1994 as Chief Executive, a post that he held until March 2000.

From March 2000 to September 2002 he was Managing Director of Parque Expo 98.

In September 2002, he was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of Valorsul, a post which he accumulated with his position as Chief Executive and continues to do so.

In October 2002, he was appointed Executive Director of EGF, S.A., and from 2002 to 2004, he was President of the Board of Directors of the following companies owned by this holding company for the Urban Solid Waste sector: Algar and Resioeste.

From 1976 to 1996 he lectured in Sanitary Engineering and the Operation of Water, Sewage and Refuse Treatment Plants and gave Post-graduate Courses in Sanitary Engineering at Lisbon’s Universidade Nova.

Theo Schneider

Theo Schneider

Civil Engineering

Extensive qualifications and expertise acquired during more than 20 years of experience in the waste management sector:

– Familiarity with strategic and operative planning and development of enterprises in the waste disposal sector based on over ten years of experience in company management and as plant manager.

– High level of competence in planning, coordination and implementation of the complete waste disposal logistics as well as city sanitation have also been acquired from professional experience.

– The continuous development and improvement of the performance of services of large waste disposal companies, with particular attention to service quality, profitability and operational efficiency, is constantly carried out in collaboration with personnel and employee representatives.

– Periodic economic calculations of the DSD-waste removal (Dual System Deutschland, also called green spot system, ie. system for Packaging Waste Recycling in Germany) at regular intervals.

– During the past ten years of professional work experience, the planning and implementation of mechanical and biological waste treatment plants have represented the main focus. Together with other landfill operation plants (modern landfill leakage clarification plants, etc.) we were responsible for an investment volume of ca. €100 million. With the respective contractual parties we dealt with tasks ranging from routine quality issues to dealing with various conflicts.
A multiplicity of calls for tender and award procedures were successfully conducted and implemented.

– The operation method, which is always team-oriented, is characterised by strong organisation and leadership as well as by powerful communication and motivation.Difficult situations have also been repeatedly dealt with successfully with members of the staff, contractual parties, citizen’s initiatives and politicians.

– During the fusion of the waste management companies in the Hanover region these competences have stood a particularly important test.

– Conception and planning of the most varied tasks and projects are well known from the practical experience acquired over several years of working with private consulting companies.

– Drawing up a balance sheet and assessing environmental influences and costs fall within the range of the regularly employed standards.

– A more extensive overview of the whole waste disposal industry gained through the many years of standing commitment to the Association of municipal waste management and city sanitation within the Association of municipal enterprises [Verband der kommunalen Stadtreinigungs- und Abfallwirtschaftsbetriebe in dem Verband der kommunalen Unternehmen] (briefly VKS in VKU).

– A large number of lectures and publications.

André Rodrigues

André Rodrigues

Environmental Engineer

Born in 1985 in Lisbon, Portugal.

André Rodrigues graduated in Environmental Engineering from Instituto Superior de Agronomia of the Universidade Técnica de Lisboa with additional master’s degree in renewable energy and energy efficiency from IMF Business School, Portugal.

He worked for several years in Self Energy company (Lisbon, Portugal) as project manager for the installation of microgeneration systems in Wastewater Treatment Plants, of Águas de Portugal Group, and residential microgeneration systems. Also, he worked as manager of construction and maintenance contracts.

André Rodrigues was one of the founders of Lightenergy (Lisbon, Portugal). A company directed to the energy certification of residential buildings, energy audits of service buildings and development of solar projects (microgeneration, 3,68 kWp, and minigeneration, until 200 kWp).

He worked at Greentech – Angola Environment Technology (Luanda, Angola), where he held positions as project manager and responsible for business development in the energy area. He was involved: in the project design and development for a private concession of production, distribution and sale of electricity in the city of Cuango (Lunda Norte), project with 3 thermal power plant (10 MW total) and overall investment of 15M USD; in the development of a national wide program for the implementation of small solar kits in the rural areas (1M solar kits); in the development of studies for the implementation of a 20 MW solar plant in the South Provinces of Angola; in the due diligence for a 40 MW thermal power plant with diesel generator and a 40 MW thermal power plant with gas turbines; and in the development of solar business for the private market.

André Rodrigues has a strong background in the development of solar projects and a strong knowledge of the reality of African countries through his work in Angola.



Automação e Controlo, Lda

InOut – Automação e Controlo, Lda is a company specialized in software development and systems integration.

Starting from a strategy based on extensive experience and technological “know-how” of their employees and several previous projects, InOut takes a commitment to excellence by creating solutions that add value to their organizations.

The activity of InOut covers a wide range of services and products related to the implementation of control systems, which include services such as process analysis, engineering design, development of solutions, implementation, commissioning and preventive and corrective maintenance. The control systems covers specialities such as electricity, electromechanical, instrumentation, automation and supervision.

The areas of intervention of InOut are:
– Environment;
– Industry;
– Facilities;
– Energy;
– Communications;
– Maintenance;
– R & D.


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