28 Março, 2015 António Garcia Nunes

UNTHA Open House

(PT) Nos dias 19 e 20 de Março a empresa UNTHA, especializada em equipamentos de trituração para as mais diversas tipologias de resíduos, abriu as portas da sua fábrica a clientes, parceiros e consultores. A STEERIN esteve presente, com a oportunidade de presenciar a operação e ensaios de diversos trituradores da UNTHA.

(EN) In 19th and 20th March the company UNTHA, supplier with expertise in shredders for the most diverse types of wastes, invited their clients, partners and consultatns for a visit to the factory. STEERIN was present, with the oportunity for viewing the operation and tests executed to several UNTHA Shredders.





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