Waste Management | Anaerobic Digestion (AD)
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Valorsul, S.A., company responsible for the treatment and recovery of about 950 thousand tons of municipal waste generated per year in 19 municipalities of Lisbon and Western Region.

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Herbert Beywinkler, STEERIN managing partner, was the leading consultant for the biomass treatment with energy utilization plant of Valorsul.

António Garcia Nunes, STEERIN managing partner, was member of the Valorsul site supervision team from the erection works.

The consulting services for Valorsul for this project included:

  • Technological conception;
  • Variant and feasibility studies;
  • Tender documentation;
  • Evaluation of proposals;
  • Supervision of detail engineering and start-up phase;
  • Optimizations during experimental service;
  • Concept for plant extension and revamping (ongoing).

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