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MUSAMI is an inter-municipal company from São Miguel Island, whose main activities are the development, implementation, construction, management and operation of rural and urban infrastructures and equipment, including the system of public cleanliness and collection and treatment solid waste.

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In order to requalify the present waste management status in São Miguel Island, MUSAMI decided to develop an integrated waste management system composed by different infrastructures (ECOPARQUE project).


This project includs a Waste to Energy plant. STEERIN is responsable for:

  • Concept and basic engineering;
  • Technical suport to EIA;
  • Technical and Economic feasibility studies;
  • Preparation of tender documents;
  • Evaluation of bids (ongoing).

For this project STEERIN designed a 28 MWth Waste to Energy plant with:

  • Mass burning technology, with cogeneration (power to grid, district heating and commercial steam);
  • Condensing turbine of 7 MWe;
  • Live steam extraction for animal by-products rendering plant and hot water distribution for nearby slaughterhouse;
  • Multi fuel plant – Municipal solid waste, forest biomass, refuse from the sorting station, industrial waste (non-hazardous), fats and animal meal, animal by-products, tires and waste oils, sewage sludge;
  • Emissions bellow the legal EU limits, transposed to Portuguese legislation by decree law nr. 127/2013, due to the high efficient flue gas treatment system.

MUSAMI aims to develop a rendering unit to treat animal by-products, mainly from the island local slaughterhouse, in order to guarantee the proper conditions to feed this material to the waste to energy plant.


The concept was developed by STEERIN and ensures the proper handling and decreases the bacteriological activity.

  • Reception of categories M1, M2 and M3 of animal by products;
  • Treatment capacity of 40 ton/day (10 hours per day);
  • Sterilization conditions of 3 bar, 133ºC, 20 minutes, according to EU Regulations.

STEERIN is responsable for:

  • Technical concept of the rendering unit;
  • Basic engineering;
  • Technical and Economic feasibility studies;
  • Preparation of tender documents (ongoing).

MUSAMI built a landfill biogas energy recovery system, for dedicated electricity production and export to the public grid.

STEERIN was responsable for:

  • Basic engineering;
  • Preparation of Tender Documents;
  • Procurement;
  • Evaluation of bids;
  • Support to Erection Works supervision and Commissioning.

For this project STEERIN prepared the terms of reference for the requalification of the recovery system and energetic valorization of biogas with:

  • Landfill biogas engines (OTTO cycle);
  • 1 MWe capacity;
  • Biogas quality and flow control system.

MUSAMI requalified the current Leachate Treatment Plant, with the integration of a reverse osmosis system.


STEERIN was responsable for:

  • Planning and basic engineering;
  • Preparation of Tender Documents;
  • Procurement;
  • Evaluation of bids;
  • Support to Erection Works supervision and Commissioning.

For this project STEERIN designed a system for landfill leachate treatment with:

  • Reverse osmosis tecnhnology;
  • Full compliance with the quality standards for the admission of residual waters in the Municipal Drainage Network;
  • 100 m3/day of treatment capacity.

MUSAMI launched an international tender for an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract for one Material Recovery Facility.

The Material Recovery Facility receives the municipal solid waste from selective collection (recycling containers and recycling centers), in particular paper/cardboard, plastic/metal, glass and waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).


STEERIN was responsable for:

  • Basic engineering analysis;
  • Evaluation of commercial bids;
  • Preparation of contract terms.

The ECOPARQUE of São Miguel Island, owned by MUSAMI, comprises the following infrastructures:

  • Ecocenter;
  • Material Recovery Facility;
  • Sanitary Landfill;
  • Green Composting;
  • Leachate Pre-treatment Station;
  • Biogas Center;
  • Weather Station.

The ECOPARQUE is being managed by external entities, having the MUSAMI launched an international tender for this purpose.

STEERIN was responsable for:

  • Evaluation of commercial bids to explore the Ecoparque;
  • Preparation of contract terms.

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